Our Services 

Our services include teaching people how to properly communicate with their four legged friend, and read canine body language. We also train dogs for owners who do not know how or have time to train themselves. We are here to help individuals with dogs that have behavior problems that owners would like to modify to make their pet more suitable to their lifestyle.


Price: $150/Our facility - $175/The Valley - $200/Anchorage

Length: 2 Hours

Description: The evaluation is the first step in your training plan. The evaluation is a 2 hour training session designed to evaluate the situation, the good the bad and the ugly. In the evaluation we will discuss your goals, and start the process of working towards them. We will discuss the best option of training after the evaluation.  

Private Lessons

Price: $75/Our facility - $100/The Valley - $125/Anchorage

Length: 2 Hours

Description: Private lessons are one option to follow up after the evaluation. Just like everything we do this is custom to the dog and handler, and what goals are in mind. Whether it be behavioral issues, lack of control, basic obedience, advanced obedience, competition obedience or protection training we can help you out and get you on the right track.

Pack Training

Price: $50

Length: 2 Hours

Saturday’s 4-6pm

Description: Pack Training is designed for dogs with behavioral issues, dogs who may be insecure, or aggressive. During pack training the first 45 Minutes is working on obedience, and focus work. Once the dogs are focused on the handlers the will start getting let loose to interact in a proper manner. This is a great step in the rehabilitation process.

Protection Training


Price: $35

Length 2 Rounds

Tuesday’s 5 until we’re done (7 or 8)

Description: Protection training is not for every dog. But is a great outlet for some. Protection training is not a one and done thing, it is meant to be continued for months if not years. Goals such as titling must be put in place as well to make sure the dog is sound and progressing. Obedience is a must, the dog must be taking classes with Destiny or private lesson with any of our trainers.


Training Facility 

MON - SAT 8am-9pm

SUN - Closed

Pool Facility 

7 Days a Week 10am-10pm




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Training Facility -

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Pool Facility -

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