Open Dock

Open Dock is a great time to get your dog in the pool, to practice dock diving skills, swimming, or just good exercise.

Please arrive early to check in, potty your dogs, and be prepared for when your time starts.

Please no food on the dock.

Prior to your time on the dock you may want to work on toy drive so that you can utilize the toy as a motivator to help them get into the pool.

If you and your dog are not experienced in the sport, we suggest slowly acclimating your dog to each element. Starting with the steps, the dock itself, and then doing most of your work while standing on the platform and the ramp.   If your dog is Jumping confidently off the ramp and swimming confidently, Then it might be time to try jumping off the dock.

When you arrive, don’t forget to sign the waiver, and put yourself in the running order if it’s necessary.   

Please keep in mind, this is not a training session. Our staff will be on hand to monitor and available if needed to assist but will not be offering any training or advice during this time.



Training Facility 

MON - SAT 8am-9pm

SUN - Closed

Pool Facility 

7 Days a Week 10am-10pm




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Training Facility -

16305 E Jan Cir

Palmer, AK 99645


Pool Facility -

335 N Old Glenn Hwy

Palmer, AK 99645

907.602.2013 or 907.529.5427