Alaska Dog Boarding & Training offers several different specialized classes from Behavior Modification to Protection training. If you're looking for Obedience classes visit

Reactive Dog Rehabilitation

Do you have a dog who is overly shy, aggressive or uncontrollably excited around people, other dogs or other animals? Do you feel like you can’t take your dog anywhere without worrying there will be an “incident”? Would you like to get your freedom back?

Or do you have a service or working dog that needs extra "proofing" against reactive dogs?


This program has been tried, tested and proven to help handlers and dogs work through reactive responses, and rehabilitate dogs to their fullest possible extent. We will work hands on to teach boundaries, expectations, basic Obedience exercises and build confidence in both handlers and dogs. The end goal is to have a dog who is reliable, looks to the handler for direction and makes correct choices in “sticky” situations.

Handlers will learn safe handling practices, how to build trust, how to set expectations and how to follow through. These classes will be held in a controlled, safe environment, under the direct supervision of the trainer at all times. This is a “safe” space for owners to come and get help for their dogs – NO JUDGEMENT!



* It is Preferred Dogs be trained to accept and be fitted with a correctly sized muzzle (I can either provide you with a link to a youtube video on how to desensitize your dog to a muzzle, or a private lesson can be booked with trainers at Alaska Dog Boarding & Training INC. prior to the workshop, at an additional cost)

* Handlers must have physical control over their dogs – the use of training tools/collars to achieve this is welcome and encouraged


Tools needed:

* Reward – food, toy etc

* Target mat (dog bed, bath mat, blanket etc)

* Muzzle

* 6 foot lead (or similar)

* Long line (10-15 foot lead)

* Corrective collar, if necessary

Advanced Reactive Dog Rehabilitation

Our Advanced Reactive Rehab Program is ready to roll! We will take all of the skills learned in our beginner program and transfer them to our every day lives with our dogs ;)

Each class is designed to build confidence in both the handler and dog while working under distraction in public places, in social situations and on the trails (weather dependent).

Dogs must have completed our beginner Reactive Dog Rehab program, or equivalent, to register.

Where: TBA (Various locations)
Cost: $300/dog
Class size: Limit 10 dogs

This class will fill quickly! Contact us today to register :)

Things you will need:

- Collar (corrective collars welcome and encouraged if required)
- Leash
- Muzzle (mandatory unless approved by a trainer)
- Food Reward

Intro to Protection

This class will cover the Basic of protection. Handlers will be learning the difference between drives, what makes a good protection dog, how to build drive, how to control drive, the different sports, how to handle a protection dog, the liabilities of a protection dog and much more. They will be introduced and able to watch dogs from 16wks - older experienced dogs and everything inbetween.

Dogs will be introduced to the sport. We will cover building prey drive, teaching the dog to calmly hold and carry, starting Hold n Barks, Long Bites, outs and introducing control.
This is open to dogs of all ages, no breed restrictions. Dogs must be enrolled in a class or taking private lessons with Leah, Destiny, Niomi, Ryan, Shaun, or Brigitte for obedience.


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